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Permit failure and appreciate success
      Chou Hung, male, born in 1951 in Nanjing, China, a retired worker, an incumbent director of Appreciation Education Institute of Tao Zhixing Research Institute, China, and founder of Nanjing Ting-Ting Deaf Children Kindergarten. With the birth of daughter Ting-Ting, he followed a path of appreciation education, and wrote a best seller--“Appreciate your children”.
      His love for his daughter was brought into full play--deaf and blind Ting-Ting made rapid progress in the elementary school and recited fluently 1000 digits after decimal point of the circumference ratio, breaking the record in The Guinness Book Of World Records; elected as one of National Ten Finest Children; admitted to Liaoning Normal University with best score at 16 years old--a first deaf college student in China; admitted to Gallaudet University in September, 2001, in pursuit of psychological consultancy’s master’s degree and Ph.D.; awarded as one of “2001 ten Chinese women of modern times”.
       Chou Hung, a common worker, created a miracle with his great love. When Ting-Ting was deaf and blind, Chou Hung told his friend: “I’m greatly satisfied if my daughter shout to me “daddy”, even though my home is burnt out.“
      Chou Hung didn’t give up when faced with these challenges. When Ting-Ting was 3 years old, a Japanese TV play series--”Blood Coagulation”, aroused his love--granting his unlimited love as a father in any circumstance!
      Though Ting-Ting lost her hearing, he decided to search for a path to the outside world. When Ting-Ting was 7 years old, Chou Hung was deeply influenced by the concept of Japanese educator Suzuki, finding that every child is a genius with unlimited potential.
      When he read “Helen Keller” and found Helen Keller’s birthday was June 27, 1880, Chou Hung thought that Ting-Ting might be a reincarnation of Helen Keller since Ting-Ting’s birthday was June 29, 1980. So, he helped Ting-Ting find her confidence and learn by herself in a positive manner. Finally, Ting-Ting finished all courses of elementary school in 3 years, and won the title of National Ten Finest Children. This was recognized as “Chou Ting-Ting phenomenon” by the medium.
      It’s believed that “action” may relieve the fear of Ting-Ting and arouse her desire of learning and love of life. Moreover, “appreciation” of the children’s merit is crucial to their growth.
      When Ting-Ting failed to answer the applied mathematical questions, her family didn’t look down upon her, but helped her eliminate the big stone of self-humiliation. In this way, Ting-Ting’s potential erupted suddenly like other children. Chou Hung realized that appreciation will help the children achieve their target of “understanding”---from self-appreciation to appreciation of the nature and life.
      As a whole, Chou Hung developed an “appreciation education method”, and taught his deaf daughter Ting-Ting into one of ten excellent women in China. Meanwhile, Ting-Ting Deaf Children’s School provides an opportunity to push forward appreciation education for the benefit of thousands of the disabled children. So, he’s reputed as an “admirable father” by BBC, NHK and CCTV, etc.