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Overcoming the barrier of deafness
      Chou Ting-Ting, female, born in 1980 in Nanjing, China, master’s degree of Gallaudet University, a Ph.D. Candidate of Gallaudet University and a researcher of Appreciation Education Institute of Tao Zhixing Research Institute, China.
      Her miracles caused a sensation in the education circle of China: deaf and blind Ting-Ting began speaking at 3.5 years old and reading from 6 years old; made rapid progress in the elementary school and recited fluently 1000 digits after decimal point of the circumference ratio, breaking the record in The Guinness Book Of World Records; listed in the National Ten Finest Children and published a fancy novel of 60,000 words; admitted to Liaoning Normal University with best score at 16 years old--a first deaf college student in China; reputed as a self-reliance model of China at 17 years old, and interviewed by Chinese president Jiang Zeming; giving a lecture at Great Hall of the People-- “I want to become Helen Keller of China”; she also acted as a leading role in the movie--“The Weepies--Gotta have you” based on her experience and behavior.
      In August, 2001, she was admitted to the best-known university for the deaf in the U.S.--Gallaudet University, then obtained the master’s degree in August, 2002 with the best performance, and continued to study for the doctor’s degree; in March, 2002, Wu Yi, Deng Ying-Ping, Yang Lan and she were appraised as 10 “Chinese women” of the modern era with strongest influence at home and abroad.
      She grew up with the appreciation education of her father Chou Hung: there are none but farmers who cannot plant the crops properly; there are none but parents who cannot teach well their children! How the farmers treat the crops will decide the destiny of the crops, the same manner as the parents treat the children! As the farmers never complain the crops but try to find out the reason, Chou Hung always encourages Ting-Ting when she is in a bad condition.
      Ting-Ting always believes that: her Chou Hung’s teaching is a teaching of life, a teaching of love, human kindness and vital force. The fundamental demand of the human nature is appreciation, respect, understanding and love; so appreciation education aims to put focus on everybody’s advantages, and awaken the consciousness of “I’m a good child”-- Every man has his gift.
      In her 23 years’ silent world, Chou Ting-Ting had a happy and healthy soul. She said: “success is a supplement, and the pleasure is the most important. I want to become a person bringing joy to the others.”