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Vercoming the darkness to create brightness
      John M. Hull, male, born in 1935 in Australia, migrated to England in 1958, an incumbent president of Education College, University of Birmingham. He was born sickly due to cataract, hypersusceptibility and asthma. At about 1977, he read via a magnifier the novel of Richard Adams--“Shardik”.
      He fought with this disease about 36 years until he was fully blind in 1983. Since then, his surprising creative force erupted, rather than overwhelmed by despair, making him outstanding in England in many aspects: the first professor of religion education in England, president of Education College of University of Birmingham, founder& general secretary of International Association of Religion Education and Values. He was granted William Rainey Harper Award in 1992, and honorable doctor’s degree of Johann Wolfgang Goser University in 1995.
       Blindness is a great misery for many people, since it means the loss of life’s confidence and independence. Professor John M.Hull, an internationally-reputed scholar in religion education, didn’t give up but faced bravely the challenge of blindness with his firm belief, strong support of his family and the society. “Blindness is a blessing of the life with profound implications.” After that, Professor Hull began to experience this world with his hearing, tactile sense and soul, which became more sensitive to the outside world, e.g. rhythm of rainfall, power and beauty of wind.
      After he was blind in 48 years old, Professor Hull didn’t give up his teaching and research. In spite of the space limitations, he reprioritized his work and life and also finished 16 special papers, 50 research papers, 25 professional and general articles, and most of which were already translated into 12 languages. Moreover, he was invited to give pictures in Canada, the U.S., Germany, Italy, South Korea, Esthonia, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan and so on.
      In particular, Professor Hull set up International Association of Religion Education and Values. Then, 17 famous churches in England were equipped with special instruments--helping the disabled learn approach the Gods and find their confidence. In the European countries and the U.S., his story--”Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness” was shared on the film: he also won “Award of contribution to religion education” and William Rainey Harper medal” of Canadian Religion Education Association.