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Capture Asia-Pacific number one drug dealer;care for children with cancer.
      Wang Xin-Jian, a prosecutor in Taipei District Attorney’s offices, is a modest, clear-thinking and kind person who loves challenges. Being a prosecutor for less than five years, he distinguished himself from others. Especially for capturing the well-known “Asian-Pacific #1 drug dealer Chen Guang-hua”, he was listed in the excellence list in capturing drug dealer. The most valuable thing is that he works as free legal counsel for public welfare groups.

      Every year, he participated with the charity event of “Do not close on love—deliver love to children with cancer nation-wide in New Year”. In the name of volunteer worker, he cares for children cancer patients everywhere and brings happiness to the kids who cannot go back home for New Year. Cancer is the first drug dealer in children’s sickness. Thus, Wang Xin-Jian handles cases and challenges drug dealers with courage and cares for sick children. He was chosen by the chief attorney in Taipei district attorney’s offices Yan Da-He to attend Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal winners selection. He deserves to be called “Hero of capturing drug dealer”.

      Born 1973 in Taipei, Wang Xin-Jian has a memorable childhood when four people in the family slept on the same double wooden bed (parents on both sides of the bed, he and his younger brother in the middle). When he studied in Taipei Municipal Kuang Fu Elementary School and Sung Shan Junior High School, he was excellent in academia and sports including dodge ball, basketball, and track and field. After he got admitted in Taipei Municipal Chung Cheng Senior High School, he was lost in the “Hoop’s dream” and finally failed the entrance examination of college day school. Fortunately, he took the first-time opportunity of applying college night school for those who have not finished military service; then, he got into Chinese Cultural University night school of Department of Law. 

      After graduation, he served in military police as a chief sergeant. Everyday he took the lead for a 5K kilometer run in training of patience and persistence. His classmates Chang Yi-hui studied with him; both passed the judiciary examination and became prosecutors. 
      After graduating from judiciary training school with the most outstanding grade, he was assigned to Peng Hu district attorney’s office and then transferred to Taipei district attorney’s office because of his distinguished performance. He used to follow the footsteps of directing chief prosecutors Chuang Jun-Jen, Chen Da-Wei, Lin Bang-Liang and chief prosecutors of Hong Wei-Hua, Shih Liang-Po, and Yan Da-He to lead the cases of seizing drugs, collect and analyze drug trafficking materials. He, as a prosecutor, plays the role of “public interest representative” to “catch the source and the whole gang”.

      For more than 4 years, he uncovered 3 cases of drug-manufacturing, 10 cases of smuggling cases, 1 of the firearm production, 1 drug-shipping warehouse, 2 amphetamine factories, 1 firearm factory, and seized,10.381 kilogram heroin, 14.66 kilogram amphetamine, 431 kilogram liquid amphetamine, 19,063 ecstasy, 30 kilogram K pills, 11,010Nimetazepam, 2 handguns, 13 bullets and more than 10 million drug money. The above outstanding record has made him the future star of prosecutor. 

      On February 7, 2005 at 1 pm, he successfully arrested Chen Kuang-hua “Asia-Pacific number one drug dealer” and became internationally famous. He personally directed the group of prosecutors and investigating agents and cooperated with the law enforcement officers in U.S. and Australia to deal with Chen Kuang-hua; finally, he destroyed the “Chen drug-trading center” by detecting the drug-sale network throughout the Pan-Pacific region (including Japan, Hong-Kong, Australia, South Eastern Asia and U.S.A.). 
During his spare time, he serves as a voluntary legal consultant for public interest groups and participates every year the “Keep love going-series of public interest activity to deliver love to children cancer patient”. He fulfills the belief of “love of life; respect life” by quietly caring for children cancer patients.