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Defeat bad fortune; survive from paralysis.
      Lee Co-Han, a graduate student in Tamkang University Graduate Institute of Psychology and Counseling, was hit on his side by a small truck that run a red light when he got back from school on October 23, 2000 at 11:20 in the morning. Instead of being vegetation, he became paralyzed from the neck down, which is like a living hell compared with being vegetation. He is not capable of doing anything except crying for complaint, anger, and despair.

      Until one day when a group of good friends in Tamkang University showed up by his side in the hospital, they blamed him right away: “Why did you choose to be silent, desperate and avoiding Did you know it was cruel to everybody, especially your family who cried all day” He was suddenly reminded as if he was given a blow on the head that: “Family and friendship are the most important”. He wanted to abandon this world; yet, this world has not abandoned him. 

      Thus, he stopped crying and decided never to give up. He continued his therapy and rehabilitation; on the other hand, he returned to school and reminded himself that: “I want every living minute to be meaningful if I can live one more day”. After school, he joined with craze in all kinds of public welfare activity such as Taiwan Disability-free Association volunteer counselor, Tamkang University Blind Students Resource Center volunteer counselor. He also shares his life story with students in life education center of Jenteh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management, Yung Ping High School and Shih Men Junior High School. At the same time, he founded Tamkang University Bat Internet Radio Station to help physically and mentally challenged students blend in college life and live in confidence and dignity.

      God would help those who help themselves. Lee Co-Han was exceptionally admitted by recommendation screening examination. Co-Han’s courage is acknowledged that he walked out from being overwhelmed with sorrow and actively cared for the disadvantaged minority in society. Like huskies without fear of cold weather even if live in a frozen world, they carry everyone to warm places by wagon. After wiping clean the tears, Lee Co-Han went through the landmine between life and death and changed his state of mine to conquer bad fortune and relive his life. He deserves to be called “husky warrior” for his timely help to the minority.

      Born 1976 in Taipei, Lee Co-Han is currently a graduate student in Tamkang University Graduate Institute of Psychology and Counseling. While a car accident destroyed the magnificent youth he used to own, he was given a positive attitude after reconsideration. Co-Han used to enjoy and good at dancing. Six years ago when he was on the way to pick up girl friend for school, he was hit by a car and got paralyzed completely. He cried many times from the bottom of his heart although he had to face the cruel reality. His family and friends waked him up from the thought of “suicide”. He waved goodbye to desperation and bravely accepted the excruciating therapy and rehabilitation. The doctor drilled four holes on his skull and pushed heavy machine in to fasten the skull, and then pulled out. The facial features were moved because of pull and drag of the machine. It is terrible to watch for everyone. “He could become vegetation even if his life is spared”, before going into operation room, doctor made a cruel announcement to Co-Han’s family. 

      Co-Han continued to live in another form. While he did not become vegetation, the destiny of being paralyzed made his life like a living hell. Co-Han’s family and friends supported him and saved him from abandoning himself. He understands the time is limited; he wants to live it magnificently. He returned to campus and became an activist in “bat internet radio station” to care for the physically and mentally challenged students. He was elected the chairman of students’ council and served as volunteer worker for minority group. He was also a life education instructor to share his story of “welcome the future with a barrier-free heart” with everyone. Then, he got admitted in Tamkung University Graduate Institute of Psychology and Counseling. Co-Han’s story tells us: “Happiness will increase continuously as long as walking on the road of hope”. 

      Lee Co-Han indicated that: “Pain will never go away by itself. For a stronger future, live through every painful moment.” Co-Han hopes that he can live every moment for doing meaningful and valuable things for others.