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Overcome the listening barrier; be the first to achieve the goal.
      Hong Qi-Yao lost his hearing at birth. He can only hear the slightest sound after wearing hearing aid. In a world without sound, Qi-Yao quietly learns with strong resolution. He likes calligraphy; and he got the second place in Changhua County students’ fine art exhibition, honor of excellence in Taiwan fine arts exhibition. In “The 13th Mandarin Contest in Taiwan”, he won the championship by the recommendation of Wu Ping-ping and guidance from calligraphy master Cheng Li-hsun. From that time, he became the constant winner in every contest including calligraphy, painting and sketching. He was also excellent in academic field and always came out on top.

       For a person with extremely major listening problem, it is a difficult challenge for him when we look back at the process of attending school. He used to be pushed around and had him cold-shouldered and discriminated by classmates. Everyday, he struggled in the shadow of ignorance. After encouragement from teachers, he walked on towards sunshine and explored the infinite possibility in life. The latecomers always are the constant winners in every contest; he also is the record-keeping model students with the highest score. He was called “a genius who is working hard” because he assists the minority and he helps people and himself.

      Born 1986 in Changhua County Erlin Township, Hong Qi-Yao graduated from Si Hu Senior High School. As a shy boy, Qi-Yao’s was discovered by mother Wu Chi-fang that he had hearing problem which affected his ability of expression when he was in second grade of elementary school. So, he was brought to Taipei for language therapy every week. After assistance of hearing aid and learning lip language, Qi-Yao finally caught on the progress of other students. For the subject he does not understand, he would borrow notebooks from students and study till around midnight when he understands the context. Going through hard works, Qi-Yao finally got top scores in class.

      When Qi-Yao was in kindergarten, he was pushed around by little kids and no one wanted to play with him. Qi-Yao’s mother did not know because mature Qi-Yao did not want to worry her. This one time when he played the building blocks, he was kicked down by three kids and grabbed the blocks by force. He finally talks under the circumstances: “Why did you take my building blocks” The three kids replied with filthy language and pushed him on the ground. He then fought back and lost. 

      On that day, he made a determination that “I want to become stronger” which was a big turning point for him. From elementary schools, junior and senior schools, he worked harder than everyone else regardless of academia, calligraphy, find art, and civil group. He always wins the first or second place when in competition. He testified the famous saying of Hu Shih’s “He who wants to harvest need to know how to plant.” and Li Bai’s “Everyone is useful in his/her own way”. 

      Hong Qi-Yao indicated that “Working hard does not mean success. Do not work hard is definitely will not succeed. It is not necessarily to become a great person; and do not forget to do great things. I live in a world which is different from other people. The difference is just the sound. For many years, Qi-Yao quietly work hard and finally has his own world. We hope everyone like Qi-Yao: work hard to be happy and live everyday fulfilled.
I am a bird, a bird without wings;
Fly not high, fly not far.
Looking up at the sky,
Once again open up red wings, 
A grand flight, 
Here comes the black sky before rainstorm 
I, at the moment
Be not scared; be not fearful.
Do not be afraid and open up the wings of confidence.
Draw a line-- a light of hope.