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Say goodbye to the cloudy sky; greet the sunshine
      Wu Wei-Ching, a student in National Sun Yat-Sen University Department of Information Management, has lived with his single mother Hung Hsiu-chang and sister Wu Mei-hui. His mother has to raise them by working odd jobs day and night. At 9 when Wei-Ching was in third grade in elementary school, he took care of two-year-old little sister when he got off school and became the youngest baby-sitter in the world.

      Being a matured boy to show consideration to his mother, Wei-Ching studied extra hard and graduated the first place in elementary school and junior high school. He also got the second place nationwide into Kaohsiung Junior High School. After school opens, he hurried home for preparing dinner for his sister one day when teacher was late to finish class. Fire broke out when gas exploded. He had 39% of the entire body burnt. After temporary two-year suspension from school, his life was spared after more than forty times of surgery. 

      Wei-Ching was optimistic all the time and he became a counselor in care center for burnt patients during two years in the hospital. He was a voluntary worker in Sunshine Foundation to encourage people with similar condition. After returning Kaohsiung Senior High School,Wei-Ching worked much harder and cherished what he had. He entered National Sun Yat-Sen University Department of Information Management with the most outstanding score and he kept the academic excellence every year being the longest winner of academia award from National Sun Yat-Sen University.

      After school, he was a voluntary worker in student counseling center to give guidance for junior students in adapting college life. He also volunteered his time in Sunshine Foundation for minority people. So, Wu Wei-Ching waved good-bye to the inferior feelings of single parenting and the shadow of being face-disfiguring. He welcomed the sunshine of hope, the journey of success and also bright future. He deserves to be called “sunshine warrior” because he walked out from sickness. 

      Born 1983 in Kaohsiung, Wu Wei-Ching is currently a student in National Sun Yat-Sen University Department of Information Management. At 9 when he was in third grade in elementary school, he became the youngest baby-sitter because of parents’ split up. He took care of two-year-old sister and did not neglect the schoolwork. He always stayed top in his class and entered National Kaohsiung Junior High School in 1998. 

      Life is unpredictable. Wei-Ching needs to rush back home every day to prepare dinner for his sister because his mother has to work night shift for making extra money. One day, since he was not aware of gas leaking, gas exploded when he turned on. He had 39% of the entire body bunt and still struggled between life and death. He can not help but get a temporary suspension of two years. After 40 surgeries, he got through the difficult rehabilitation which challenge physical and psychological limit. Finally, Wei-Ching waved goodbye with hope and welcomed sunshine with gratitude. He graduated from Naitonal Kaohsiung Junior High School with the most excellent score and also got admitted to National Sun Yat-Sen University Department of Information Management. He won three consecutive years of academic excellence. After class, he became the voluntary worker in counseling center and Sunshine Foundation. He was called “the goodwill ambassador who tells sunshine to get up”. 

      In the gas explosion of the first year in Kaohsiung Senior High School, Wei-Ching had third degree burn on 39% of the entire body. The large amount of medical expenses has caused poor family to have more difficult situation. The accident has made a young man with bright future to become a disabled faceless patient. Wei-Ching could not accept the fact and had the thought of giving up. In the two years’ difficult process of rehabilitation, he lived at hospital. With strong love from mother Hung Hsiu-chang and support from family and encouragement from teachers in Kaohsiung, he confronted with confidence after more than 40 surgeries. He lights up the hope of every burnt patients and encourage people who attempt suicide. 

      During the rehabilitation, the most proud thing for Wei-Ching is that he continuously practices for more than 27 thousand six hundred times of holding pens; finally, he regains the ability to grab a pen with a slow recovery in other senses and reaction. Therefore, from Kaohsiung Senior High School to National Sun Yat-Sen University, he is thankful that there are many people helping him along the way by supporting him with scholarship and extra medical expenses. He knows to give back to society such as working as a voluntary worker Sunshine Foundation, burn-center in hospital or many other minority organizations.