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Repair the regret; watch over the disabled.
      Sister ManYung-Hsuan, a Philippine nun in ShengXin care center Medicine Chief, wanted to be a nurse. Limited by her height, she became a pharmacist and put all her attention on sick children. She is the guarding angel of those sick children although her height is less than 150 centimeter.Coming from Philippine, she has worked in ShengXin care center for 18 years and becomes Switzerland ancestry Fr. Burjhardt’s (Chiayi County Dong Shi Village ShengXin care center founder) most helpful assistant. She picks up sick children to get them to the hospital day and night, rain or shine; and she works hard to improve the medical quality for sick children. Her love is beyond border and she gets numerous awards from home and abroad.

       Sister Man recalls when the time she first came to the hospital 18 years ago. Due to job requirement, Fr. Burjhardt asked her to learn how to drive. She is a small lady and cannot speak the language; so, she had no confidence that she could do it. Yet, when she saw the children who needed medical attention had to get to hospital immediately, she decided to accept the challenge. Since then, she has been a capable driver; however, people always joke about: “We cannot see the driver”, because she is small on the driver’s seat.

      Now, Sister Man is in charge of the medical business and emergency care in the hospital. She rushes between the hospital and care center every day to care children. She always smiles and brings love, kisses and hugs to every child. Sister Man’s love expression infects every fellow worker in the care center. Sister Man insists that she does not want to be admired as a hero. Angels with broken wings are the gift from God, not a burden. “It is not what I give them, but what these angels with broken wings teach me.” Therefore, Sister Man Yung-Hsuan crossed the ocean and came to Taiwan to care for these disabled children without regret for 18 years. She deserves to be called the “guardian angel of disabled children”. 

      Born 1959 in Iliol Island, Philippines, ManYung-Hsuan graduated from the Austin University Department of Pharmacy founded in Philippine by a father from Spain in 1982 and became a nun in Philippine Carmelite Missionaries. In 1988, she left her hometown and came to Taiwan working as a chairman of Catholic Carmelite Missionaries Taiwan Branch and the ShengXin care center Medicine and public relation Chief and for 19 years, since. She has no regret to sacrifice her time and energy spending on those disabled children.

      With smiles always on her face, Sister Man as tall as 140 centimeter worked as a chairman of Catholic Carmelite Missionaries Taiwan Branch and the ShengXin care center Medicine and public relation Chief. As a small lady, she has a loud laugh and she often hugs and kisses those cerebral palsy sufferers and asks them if they sleep well last night. She keeps company of the children in the hospital and says these children are gift from God so that she learns to respect life and have passion for life. 

      Sister Man was born in a devoted Catholic family. In her middle school years, Sister Man eye-witnessed the illness and death in the hospital at one time when her family was hospitalized. She felt the need to help people from that moment especially for the children who cannot receive good medical attention. The first thing of becoming a nun is to get a college degree. She started to concentrate on her schoolwork. 
      After graduation, Sister Man joined the service for society. Nineteen years ago when Sheng Xin care center founded, the founder thought they must have some people who do not have burden of family in order to take care of these children in the care center. Taking care of one child means to take care of the entire family of the sick children. (After the child is taken care of, the parents can therefore work hard for family’s financial stability.) Sister Man became the first choice because she, as a college graduate and with a pharmacist license, has nursing and medical professional knowledge.

      Sister Man said with smile that she likes to kiss on cheek to express her love, which makes local conservative baby-sisters uncomfortable. When time passes, everyone feels her straightness and frankness. 

      Sister Man left her hometown and came to Taiwan for social service. She devoted her life and care for the children for more than nineteen years. In order to blend in Taiwanese custom, she has learnt Mandarin, Taiwanese and customs. The most impossible mission such as epilepsy and anoxaemia shock, wound. She also volunteers for the counseling service for the bride with foreign citizenship and handle the adaption problems so as to help the marriage problems in protecting them. 

      The most magical thing about Sister Man is she can feel their mood. She would wake up from midnight and rush to the bedside of the child who she senses intuitionally that the child is in danger. In many occasions, she saved the precious life of the children. 

      For nineteen years, Sister Man takes care of numerous sick children. Every time when she sees anyone who cannot go through the sickness and leave for Heaven, she would feel terribly sad; however, after she thinks that they would go back to the side of Jesus, she would feel better. 

      “Every sick child is a gift from God”, she said. She used to be a stubborn person without compromising with other people. After eighteen years being with the children, she learned how to love the life, respect life and protect the life on earth.