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Educate the poor; cure the incurable
      Andrew D. Hsu, a U.S student in University of Washington in Seattle, had an exceptional academic experience. At the age of 2, he showed surprising concentration on subject and ability of resolving problems. He used Lego toys to assemble a robot as tall as his height. When he was 5 years old, he was capable of algebra subject; at the age of 8, he started home-schooling. At 11, he won Washington Stat Science and Engineering Fair grand prize of the high school team, becoming the youngest grand prize winner in history. He then represented the Washington State to attend Intel ISEF. At 12, he entered University of Washington to study gene technology which is a promising research approach for treating Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes and AIDS.

      He concerns about children in oppression worldwide even if he is not yet 15 years old. At 11, he and his brother who is one year younger jointly founded Foundation for the World Children’s Organization. He thinks “Education is Freedom” that education is the key for needy children to be independent, capable of self-help and helping others and to finally get rid of poverty; language is the foundation of communication and learning. He takes immediate action to apply multimedia technology and have “English Learning Website” (www.langedu.org) set up and “English Global Village” radio program running. He also completes English learning materials containing 130 volumes in a package and offers to poor children free of charge. Andrew D. Hsu defends the life dignity of poor children and looks for the hope of incurable disease. He is a genius and vows to change the world; he also helps people and fulfills his social responsibility. He deserves to be called “Hope of a genius”.

      Born in U.S. 1991, Andrew D. Hsu graduated from University of Washington in Seattle, U.S. He majored in biochemistry, molecular biology, and neurobiology. Later on, he pursued advanced education in gene technology and medicine for Ph. D. degrees. Growing up as a gifted child, Andrew is grateful for his parents’, David Hsu and Joyce Hsu, tireless “love education”. They are like the “sun in the life” of Andrew, giving him power to conquer all kinds of barrier and challenge and to achieve his dream. Without parents’ inspiration and intentional training, Andrew may not become such an outstanding individual with excellent performance in all aspects. 

      He cares about other people and he “feels for other people’s pain”. He is “More than just a genius” because he shares the thought that ordinary people have. Reading Andrew’s glory, frustration, depression and embarrassment, we would understand how a genius desires for knowledge, how serious and sincere his attitude is towards life. We can definitely understand the real meaning of what Edison said “Genius is one percent of inspiration and ninety-nine percent of perspiration”. 

      Responding to people’s request, Andrew wrote down his life story and learning experience in the book of “More Than Just a Genius”. Published by “Business Weekly”, his book tells the story of an American gifted child of Chinese origin. Andrew’s remarkable accomplishment comes from his active, independent learning and his love to the world. His younger brother and he were home-schooled in a step-by-step schedule and progress. In addition to his exceptional intelligence, Andrew likes all kinds of sport. He is a top-notch swimmer who once won the fourth place in All America 100 yards butterfly stroke; he is also a gold medal winner in a triathlon (swimming, biking and running) children’s group. 

      Andrew cares about 150 million needy children worldwide who do not have opportunity for education; he and his brother founded “Foundation for the World Children’s Organization” for making the world more beautiful and giving every child a chance to learn. He also completes English learning materials containing 130 volumes in the package and offers to poor children free of charge. By using multimedia technology, he sets up English Learning Website and hosts half-an-hour “English Global Village” radio program every week to provide foreign students and immigrants in the U.S. an opportunity to learn English. He even plans to build a school for training teachers who will teach and help the needy children get out of poverty.