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Fight with Love
       Liu Yang-Hsuan, male, studying at the Department of History at National Cheng Gung University. He was born on May 22, 1989 with rare diseases “Duchenne muscular dystrophy” and “Rheumatoid Arthritis”, which started destroying him when he started daycare. 

      By the time he was in 4th grade, he was always in a wheel chair. Under such an environment where he's constantly fighting diseases, he always demonstrated his will power – he never requested to be treated differently or use his very painful diseases as excuses to stop learning. With his ever-loving parents Liu Guo-wei and Su Yueh-chiueh, and the care of his teachers and fellow students, Yang-Hsuan finished his schooling at the top of his class without any supplementary grades in 2007. 

      He also passed the entrance exam of department of History at National Cheng Gung University with a score of 316.33, which is very high. To protect the rights of the handicapped, he is planning to transfer to the Department of Law, and try to become the first lawyer or judge with muscular dystrophy. 

      Yang-Hsuan is quite brave and strong, and he never stops to give thanks and caring for others. He often tell people, "Mom and Dad will always be my heroes; my teachers and classmates will always be ??my best allies." What was so wonderful was that during his difficult journeys in academics, his teachers and his classmates always helped him along. Hence, Liu Yang-Hsuan has faced his troubles and embraced his life with optimism. Not only he doesn't make his sickness into an excuse for not studying, but he actually worked harder on his academics; he desires to use his ability to help others with the same diseases (currently there are no cures for his illness). 

      In his junior year in high school, he had a major surgery and because he practically lived in the hospital and couldn't study most of the time, he couldn't get into his first choice of school and Department of Medicine. However, He was accepted to his second choice of school, National Cheng Gung University. He is planning to transfer from the Department of History to the Department of Law. He desires to be the first lawyer or judge with muscular atrophy in the world. He swore to do his best for the weak. Most of all, his never-yielding spirit touched the teachers and students of different schools, and encouraged them to give love and caring for others. He's a "hero with muscle atrophy".