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Fights of Down syndrome and never gives up
      Michael Fan was born on January 1, 1979. He was diagnosed with cardiovascular and other diseases, and he didn’t learn to talk and walk until 3 years old. He tried to attend special education classes at Guang Jen Elementary School and he was placed on the candidate list. He then attended the special education classes at Guang Jen Junior High School and he graduated from Taipei School of Special Education. With and IQ of only 56, Michael, despite troubles with his eyes, heart, and IQ, with the gentle and constant care of his dad Fan Liang-hsian and his mom Huang Gui-ying, began swimming at 9. 

      When he was 12 years old, he received his first gold for Chinese Taipei Special Olympics team. He was trained as lifeguard, coach and referee, and received his licenses. Now he is a leader, spokesperson, employee and referee for the Special Olympics. For 28 years he has been stumbling through studying and learning, and he suffered many hardships. But thanks to his teachers, coaches, friends and families, he found his way and he's now opening a new era in the chapters of his life. 

      Michael Fan started his testimony for "Swimming for Encourage”, and he traveled to different schools of different educational levels as a spokesperson for "Education for Life". He shared stories and encouraged others in over a hundred events – by telling everyone to bravely face life and be warriors, in the process of creating a new vision for life. Michael worked at a car wash, at banks for accounting duties, and then worked in the clean room of a tech company. He knew he doesn't learn as fast as others, but he never gives up and he never stops improving. Michael Fan's one of the best examples of “I'm special and I'm useful”. He fights off Down syndrome and he never gives up. He's a brave swimmer.