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Dancing for life and embracing hope
      Wang Shu-chiao, female, born on October 21, 1968 in Taipei City. She has been a caring and understanding person since childhood. When she was in elementary school, she was helping out her mother Su Su-ching at the meat stand. In 3rd grade, she had an operating accident with a meat grinder and lost her left hand. But instead of wallowing in sadness, she comforted her parents and spend the next ten years recovering from her physical and emotional trauma. 

      Her father Wang Ke-jing help Shu-chiao recover and gave her one sketch book after another (when was finished with one) and encouraged her to draw as much as she wanted. Thanks to her father's encouragement and her hard work, she was at the top of her class for arts at the Private Taibei High School, she found herself in dancing. 

      After that, she went to the community college attached to Shih Chien University and studied under the famous stylist Chen Li-ching, and she became her top student. Shu-chiao took her talents in fashion design and illustration and combined them with performance art. Then she began performing on stage with Lin Mu-ching, the "single legged Buddha" while sharing pain and enjoying life. Their group is called the "3x3 Dance Duo" and they entertain others and spread their passion and love for others all over the world. 

      What's even more special is that Wang Shu-chiao has her own family. In addition to helping her husband Cheng Cheng-gui establish “iShape Design LTD. Co”, she gave birth to 2 healthy daughters. She's the volunteer dancing instructor at her daughters' kindergarten and she often leads the children dancing to rhythm and playing games. She helps the kids to discover purity and real love. Her example proves that as long as one doesn't give up, one will find the light at the end of the tunnel. 

      Wang Shu-chiao show her example of leaving behind pain and sadness, physical disability and illness, and going out and help others. Taking up a microphone, as a representative of handicapped people worldwide, she declared to people worldwide in a loud a clear voice that "you can sing even without voice; you can fly even without wings; you can dance even without arms or legs; you can have a full life even without a perfect body. 

      The new moon is as beautiful as the full moon. If you can't speak with your mouth, speak with your hands. If you can't listen with your ears, listen with your eyes. And if you can't look with your eyes, look with your heart. Again, your body may not be perfect, but your life can still be full of hope. A new moon is just as beautiful and moon-like as the full moon." Wang Shu-chiao is dancing for life and embracing hope. She stands up tall and entertains herself and others. She transforms her steps into love. She's the "one-armed dancer".