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Defeating cancer and dances with hope
      Lin Mu-ching, a host on the Public Television, female, born on January 30, 1977 in Taipei City. With her "golden left foot", she sings, dances, rock climbs, goes up stream, dives and hosts shows, but these are not the only things she does. She also travels (already 15 countries traveled). She traveled to 14 provinces in China. Her story was made into “the one foot dancer- the 2nd of the Macchiato Trilogy”, and also written as the encouragement book “Dancing with one foot – finding courage in the worse times” . 

      Lin Mu-ching tells everyone she meets that “As long as I can laugh, I have hope. I'm my own lab rat and I want to tell anyone who has a physical handicap that people like us can do what I'm doing." She knows well that physical obstacles can't stop a person but mental obstacles can; as long as one does his or her best, he or she will find the exit. 

      Lin Mu-ching will always remember when she got bone cancer at 16 and had to have her left foot cut off and how painful everything was then. After each chemotherapy, she puked for 3 whole days and her body weight dropped to 25 kg. When chemotherapy and electrotherapy didn't work, the doctors had to cut off her left foot. After she woke from the operation, she tried to touch her left foot with her right, when she realized it wasn't there she cried. Hence, she could identify with the poetry written by Chou Da-guan, titled “I still have one foot”. One of the verses goes: "I still have one foot, I want to stand on this earth…I want to travel and see this beautiful world." She recalled when she was in Italy during her trip around the world, and an old Italian man saw that she had only one foot. He gave her the thumbs up with a big smile. She felt quite hopeful for life after that. 

      Hence, Lin Mu-ching refused to put on prosthetics that look more human-like. Instead, her prosthetic foot is just a supporting frame. She doesn't cover up anything and she's not ashamed of herself. She couldn't careless about the stares and the teases from others. She talks and walks with confidence and people often forget that she's only got one foot. She jokes, rides her bike, swims, rock climbs, goes up stream, dives, travels around the world. She does everything a young woman her age does and she even goes out and encourage other handicapped people. 

      Lin Mu-ching's quite sensitive and optimistic and she looks to make other people laugh. She cries whenever she hears other people's unfortunate stories. She loves to bear hug her friends. Lin Mu-ching and one-armed dancer Wang Shu-chiao created the “3x3 Dancing Duo” , bring love, hope, and encouragement to others. After defeating cancer, she brought love to people. She's the “The one foot Buddha” .