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Coloring lives with her works
      Wang Wan-Ting has High-Functioning Autism. She grew up much-loved and cared for by her father Wang Wen-hsiung, her mother Hsieh Bi-hua, and her brother and sister. She loved drawing since her childhood and the walls of her home were her canvas; she even drew on the ceiling. Her works at age 7 became popular at the charity sales organized by the Foundation for Autistic Children and Adults in Taiwan (FACT), and chose to be the cover for the brochures for many international companies. 

      For the competition she participated, she has always taken first place. At 12 (1999), Wang Wan-Ting participated in the Kyushu Art Festival in Japan. With her work “cat”, out of artists from 21 countries, was selected to be the poster for the exhibition, and it could be seen on the streets of Japan. Most of all, in December 2007, her work "The light of hope", received the first place at the 2nd Annual International Handicapped Artists Competition, organized by the City of Phoenix, Arizona. Her drawings thus received international fame. 

      Wang Wan-Ting has held many personal exhibitions since. Her paintings express a sense of warmth, joyfulness and richness. She draws every subject, including people, animals, nature, and scenery well, with rich colors, organized layout, energy and even passion. Her painting is her language. Each one hosts a small world. No words can fully describe her paintings, which often deeply touch its viewers internationally. She paints her life colorfully with her skills and she touched the lives of many with her art. She's the Autistic Angel.