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Defeating leukemia, and lives life spectacularly
      Chang Yun-wei, female, born in December 27, 1992, currently a third year student at the National Singang Senior High School. She was a happy little angel under the care of her parents and her siblings. When she was 5, she went to the doctor because small red and purple spots were found on her feet; she was diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia. Her family was profoundly shocked. From that point on, long term chemotherapy and electrotherapy shackled Yun-wei and she lost her freedom – she was either at home or at the hospital and she couldn't go to school like normal kids. 

      Yun-wei's parents, Chang Chiang-rong and Liu Wen-ching cared for her without an ounce of complaint and her siblings continued to cheer her on. Thanks to them, her will of survival became stronger. She began her series of treatment including taking medicine, shots, getting phototherapy and spinal tap. These were not something that normal human beings could tolerate in continuous procession. Even though the treatments caused her to throw up, having heart problems and stomach pain so bad that she rolled on the floor to the point she went into shocks and in addition, the daily phototherapy caused her lose her ability to think. However, Yun-wei still faces life with an optimistic view. With her self confidence she finally defeated her condition and she realized the importance of living for each moment. 

      Today, Chang Yun-wei is still positive in facing the after effect of chemotherapy, electrotherapy such as losing her memory, thinking extra slow and others. She uses music, painting, Chinese zither, flute, piano playing, calligraphy, dancing and swimming to help her forget her past. She actually received many awards in painting, Chinese zither, flute, piano playing, calligraphy, dancing and swimming. She now wants to get into an art high school, an art university and become a artist full of sunshine. She desires to get into hospitals and care for the patients and paint the white and cold hospital rooms with happiness. She's the "Sunny Angel" .