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Overcoming physical disabilities and desires to be a female craniofacial doctor
      Wang Chieh-yu, female, born in June 9, 1989. When she was young she was in and out of hospital often. Feeling that life is short and everything could go wrong in an instant. She began working at the Red Cross's Mennonite Hospital as a volunteer after school and for that she received the Prudential of Community Award. 

      She swore to be a female craniofacial doctor, and do her best for children with the same disease in the future. She often encourages herself with “one must repay 10 times greater than what one received”. She often reminds and encourages her classmates with “knowledge is power”. 

      What's the most encouraging about her is hat thanks to Wang Ming-jin and Li Bi-yun (her parents)'s detailed care, encouragement from her teachers and fellow classmates, she has decided to not to allow her cleft lip condition to disappoint her, but she has desired to be a female Craniofacial doctor to help those with the same condition as she does. Instead of hating herself, she decided to love; instead of being a victim, she decides to be a victor and go out and help others. She deserves to be called a “Craniofacial Angel”.