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Even though she has to move the mouse with her nose,
her spirit remains strong. Death couldn't overcome her.
      Born on August 26 1996, Cheng Hui-lien was diagnosed with retinal detachment, pneumothorax, nilirubin too high, heart murmur, and hydrocephalus 15 days after her birth. ?Her parents, Cheng Si-chun, Huang Fang-man, never left her bed, did their best taking care of her alongside the doctors. 

      However, life is cruel. When Hui-lien was 8 years old, a cold triggered a high fever that refused to go away. Be cause of that fever, her cervical nerve was damaged and she was paralyzed from neck down and she couldn't breathe on her own. Since then she has been relying on a respirator for 12 years. She couldn't happily go to school like other kids. However, she longed to read and explore. She applied for home education and through the video conferencing, she interacted with her classmates, singing songs and reading poetry and educating love in all corners of the world. 

      Cheng Hui-lien's spirit has always been strong. She has overcome the shadow of death. Even though she has to move the mouse with her nose, she's still thankful for each day she's alive. She appreciates her parents, her teachers and her classmates, and everyone that has helped her to survive. She challenges the limits of life and does her very best to live it to the fullest. She deserves to be called “the paralyzed angel”.