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Shows dignity to the World and opens up his life
      Chou Chun-hsun, the Red Faced King of chess, beat Hu Yao-yu, a level 8 chess expert by half a point at the 198 move in the 2 out of 3 game at Seoul, Korea on March 22, 2007. He became the first Taiwanese Chess player who became the world champion. 

      But he had to work extra hard. From the back of his neck to the middle of the ridge of his nose, half of his face is filled with red birth marks. Ever since he was a child he was made fun of by his classmates, who called him "the devil", or "2-faced Harvey", or "Two Face". Facing insults after insults, he decided he didn't want to go to school any more. 

      Thanks to his Chou Yan-shan, his chess-obsessed father, and Hsiao Ching-mei, his optimistic mother, whom cared very much for him, he started chess when he was 7, and he found a happy place in the silent world of playing "Go" chess. He learned to think more and be silent, while ignoring people's teases and gossips. During his time learning chess, he ran the school track for 3 hours for 70 times for 28 km every day to relieve his stress, which helped him to have more stamina, patience and endurance. He became a star in the chess world fast, and today, he's the world champion from Taiwan in Go chess. 

      Chou Chun-hsun gets out of self-pity and walks into the world of Go chess. He shows his dignity with chess to the world and he found the meaning of his life in playing. He's the “the Red Faced king of chess”.