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Paints a picture of strength and beating her paralysis
      Chien Mei-fang, the chair of the Taipei County Ai Wei Convalescent Center governance committee, was going to graduate from the Cheng Kung Senior Industrial and Commercial Vocational School 11 years ago, when her father died of a myocardial infarction. But life did not give her a break. While everyone in her family was grieving, she got into an accident – during her way to the graduation picture session, a speeding vehicle ran her over and dragged her for over 100 meters and then the driver left her in a ditch. Because she was left there she wasn't found and sent to the hospital in time, she became paralyze. The criminal was never found. 

      Even though the doctors couldn't do a thing for her and Mei-fang's life was waning on the hospital bed, she didn't blame anyone. She bravely faced her conditions and often, holding a brush with her mouth, she painted pictures as her way of expressing herself and her undying hope. 

      What's the most remarkable about her is that even though it takes at least 2 weeks and at most 3 months to complete an A3 sized picture, but she gave a lot of them and for the rest, she sold them and took the proceeds to help people in dire needs. 

      While rehabilitating, drawing, and being the he chair of the Taipei County Ai Wei Convalescent Center governance committee, for which she provides counseling and spiritual help for people in the same condition, she completed her incomplete schooling at the National Open University, and she was baptized and became a Christian. Her nickname was Little Teresa. She now desires to study at the School of Theology at Fu-Jen Catholic University and after she graduates, she wants to go out in the world and spread the love of Christ. 

      Despite being paralyzed, Miss Chien Mei-fang remains positive; with her paintings, she has given hope to others while walking out from the shadow of death and truly spreading love and compassion to others. She is the "Little Teresa of Taiwan".