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Conquering Deafness ‧ Living Hope
     The fourth year student in the Politics and Economics Department of National Sun Yat-sen University, Liu Tu-Yuan, developed a serious ringing in his ears when he was in the sixth grade of elementary school, although he visited many doctors, he still could not stop from his ears from becoming deaf. He is living in a soundless world, although it may be lonely and fearful, but under the encouragement of his parents, teachers, and classmates, he still worked very hard. In elementary school and junior high school, his grades were still ranked the top three in the entire school; he was also chosen to be a model student. Tu-Yuan often encouraged himself: “A healthy person only needs to use one ounce of hard work, while the disabled needs to use ten.”
      Tu-Yuan entered the Kaohsiung Senior High School (KSHS) with excellent grades. When he was in KSHS he was the most thankful towards his classmate Yan Wen-Chang who helped him study and with affairs in his daily life. Liu Tu-Yuan and Yan Wen-Chang were like brothers all throughout the three years of high school, they even agreed to enter National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYU) together. They often choose the same courses without prior discussion. Yan Wen-Chang always accompanied Tu-Yuan when studying, and helped him when he was in need; it has already become a model of friendship in NSYU. Tu-Yuan's triumph over deafness, his life of hope, as well as his hard working attitude and friendships are the reasons he deserves the name “Deaf Warrior.”
     Liu Tu-Yuan was born on April 24, 1986 in Kaohsiung City . He is a Politics Department student at National SunYat-sen University , he excels in his studies and is of noble character, and his grades are maintained in the top three ranking in his school. Outside of class work, besides being a volunteer at the NSYU Counseling Division, he is also in charge of the 2007 Politics and Economics Department BBS Class webpage introducing good books, articles, and news to all the students in the school. Because he cannot hear eloquent language and beautiful music, he can only concentrate in the world with soundless words, and in this world with soundless words, he attempts to the beauty of life, and hopes to share this beauty of life with others. 
      Of course, Tu-Yuan has encountered many difficulties while he was pursuing his education, besides having to work extra hard in music and English conversation and listening, he has to face the ridicule of his classmates. His hearing aid has been thrown in water buckets numerous times, or he has been called names because he cannot understand what his classmates are saying. In addition, many times on his way to school, he was hit by passing cars or motorcycles because he could not hear their blasting horns. Tu-Yuan hopes that everyone can be more compassionate and lend a helping hand to the disabled. 
      Tu-Yuan commented that the disabled do not need sympathy; they only need more chances and resources for fair competition. Currently, Tu-Yuan's goal is to enter the Graduate Institute of Public Policy, NSYU, become a public servant and participate in the decision making and implementation of public policies. He wants to help more people that need help. He also draws figures on his computer in his leisure time, and hopes to be able to use this special skill in the future.