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The authority on liver cancer spreads hope to all
      Dr. Samuel So, the executive chief and the professor for the surgical department at the Stanford University Medical Center, who has been doing his best studying, educating, preventing and curing Hepatitis B with significant results at the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, is generally acknowledged as the best candidate for Nobel Prize for Medicine. He published over 130 liver disease related discussion articles and 25 special articles, in addition of leading an international study team for researching on the genetics of liver cancer and stomach cancer. 

      The team has been studying liver diseases and liver cancers, which have the highest occurrence rate among Asians for 30 years, until a way was found—searching and diagnosing the genomic liver cancers and the way to deal with it, establishing a multi-disciplined liver cancer specific department to improve the result of diagnosis and promote the education of live health and prevention. Beginning from 2005 with the sponsorship of $1 million USD Ping & Amy Chao Family Foundation, Dr. Samuel So and the China Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control (CFHPC), Ministry of Health of Qinghai Province, Hong Kong Wellness Foundation, BioTop Technology (Shanghai), and Shantou University Medical Center has in cooperation, and has provided free injections of Hepatitis B vaccines to over 180,000 school children in Qinghai Province in China and at the same time, educating about preventive health measures. The result was the Qinghai Province became the first province in China that people under 14 were completed vaccinated.

      In 1996, Dr. So established the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University. In 2005, together with Senator Mike Honda, he drafted the first regulation regarding Hepatitis B, which improved the prevention guidelines significantly. In recent years the "3 shots for life" activity organized by the public health department of San Francisco gave examinations and vaccinations to 1200 poor people. That shall become the example for other public health departments in the US. 

      Together with Asian Liver Center and CFHPC, Dr. So began the “Hepatitis B vaccination and health education” activities and send vaccines to China for an overall vaccination activity. Since 2005, over 180,000 school children have received Hepatitis B vaccines and health education for free. 

      To recap, to defeat Hepatitis B, Dr. So established the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University and drafted the first Hepatitis B law with senator Mike Honda, and then he worked together with WHO and formed the “Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization”. The project aims that by 2015, all children below 15 in the world will receive Hepatitis B vaccinations for free. This project has already begun in Qinghai Province in China and it'll be done worldwide. Dr. So stated that “Eradicating Hepatitis B is no longer a dream”. The authority on liver cancer spreads hope to all. He's the savior for liver cancer.