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Used books to reconcile races and reading to strengthen the weak
      Vicky Pollack, the Angel with Books, was born on June 27, 1942 in Washington DC. Her father was a lawyer working for a governmental department and her mother was a housewife. Vicky Pollack is the oldest child of the 4 in the family. 

      She was influenced by her parents and she loves to read. During 1940~1960, the US was in the grips of racist prejudices and Vicky Pollack was there to experience it all. She wondered about ways to reconcile races and to strengthen the weak. At the same time, she continued to participate in the human rights movement and fought for dignity for the blacks and tried make the world fair for all. 

       Vicky Pollack studied at the University of Wisconsin for her freshman and sophomore year but she transferred to UC Berkley after that and graduated from the Department of English literature. In 1967, she moved to San Francisco and began working as an elementary school teacher and using books to strengthen the weak. She began to study to get her professional reading certificate and working on the “Gardens for Schools”, using gardens as scientific experiment grounds. 

      Vicky and Tony Pollack's two kids loved to read. Her husband was successful as a direct marketer of educational materials for school. With her family's success she wanted to something more meaningful. She began asking for donation of books and collecting books beginning from her children's elementary school and her effort was expanded into the "Children’s Book Project". 1,490,000 books were collected during the upper half of 2007 and 70,000 plus disenfranchised children were given hope. 

      Vicky Pollack, the founder and organizer of the Children’s Book Project has been helping children from the disenfranchised families to read for 15 years. From 1992, more than 1 million books have been provided to more than 1 hundred thousand kids have been helped. She set up 10 "Read it Out Loud" associations in the Bay area to promote parents reading together with kids. Another project was started - "The Youth Reading Plan”, which provides specially designed books or materials to attract online youths to get back to books in order to increase the reading ability of young people. 

      Vicky Pollack founded the Children’s Book Project and helped more than 1 hundred thousand kids to read and to find hope, promoted parents reading together with kids and helped 1 hundred thousand families to become closer. She started the Youth Reading Plan and attracted online youths to get back to books. She used books to reconcile races and reading to strengthen the weak. She's the Angel with Books.