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Sending Love to COMIDO School
2014.4.10   Kenya Times
These 17 years ,the notion Chou Ta Kuan foundation has been spreading across the world is “be nice to yourself—love your life; be nice to others—respect their lives; be nice to nature—protect the life of earth.” In order to appreciate such good things Mr. and Mrs. James has done for the children in slum for these 20 years ,the chairman ,Ms. Guo Ying-Lan, founder ,Mr. Chou Chin-Hua, volunteers ,and the doctors of the foundation decided fly to Kenya to honor and support Mr. and Mrs. James personally.

During ceremony ,the volunteers play Taiwanese songs to the students ,and the doctors also give medical supply for them .Especially, foundation has prepared Taiwanese food 400 pieces pineapple cake ,400 recorders ,a serial Encyclopædia Britannica, I still have one leg—Chou Ta Kuan as a young poet and fighter with cancer, and jackets for presenting the love from Taiwan.
We also encourage more and more people can participate in “Global love of lives movement” to make our planet better.(If you need more information about our foundation ,the action we did and the award ,please call +886-2-29178770 (Taiwan) or click our website http://www.ta.org.tw/)
Chou Ta Kuan foundation and Global Love of Lives Award
Chou Ta-kuan, a well-known poet lived with only one leg at the last phase of his life.  He, nevertheless, was constantly optimistic and told whomever he met with: “I still have a leg left to stand on earth and walk all over the beautiful world”.  After a valiant fight against cancer for over one year, he passed away on May 18, 1997, at 4:50 a.m.  In memory of the 10-year-old heroic poet, his parents Mr. Chin-hua Chou and Ms. Ying-lan Kuo have determined to spread the seeds of such heroic gallantry and courage throughout the world.  By assembling the strengths of all people, both in Taiwan and throughout the world, they have established “Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal —We’re Born to Serve” .They not only focuses on the children with cancer but the notion to the world.

These 17 years, The foundation had awarded 274 recipients from 46 countries, such as Lee Chang-hun, the blind anchorman in Korea, the Canadian founder of the charity Free the Children—Craig Kielburger, psychotherapist Salvager—Dr. Daniel Gottlieb from US, animal savior—Chris Peters from Holland, anti-drug Hero—Juan Manuel Galan from Columbia, etc.Every awarded recipient is a beam of light in the world; even a tiny dream can spread wide. Many people have called on this event as “the Nobel Prize of Life.”

Mr. and Mrs. James and COMIDO school
The center is running up to class eight and its one of the National Examination Centre. It offers the 8-4-4 curriculum recommended by the Ministry of Education. It boasts of trained teaching staff that are dedicated and committed. The school has about 400 children in admission, with many others being left out due to limitation of facilities.
COMIDO Education Center has links with Bread of Life Christian Ministries. In 1997, when Pastor James Kariuki and his wife Mrs. Melody Kariuki were ministering to the community of Mukuru Slums in Nairobi, Kenya, realized that most of the children attending Sunday school were not enrolled in any formal primary education. This created a lot of concern in them and other church members and consequently they formed a community based organization so as to look for better ways to help these less privileged groups of children

Making a difference every day
Comido Education Centre is an education centre with a difference. Located at the heart of Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums, it caters for over four hundred children from poor families living in the slums. Our main focus is education since we see it as the vehicle that will drive these people to better places.

Faith Nyakundi is such one testimony, she went through the centre, sat for her national examinations and passed very well, and she was admitted to one of the best schools in the country, Precious Blood Girls – Riruta where her performance got even better. She sat for her national exams in 2011 and she passed with flying colors. She has a choice now to study abroad or join one of the best universities in the country. Our hearts busts with joy as we tell her story.

Many other children are doing their very best and we strongly believe that they are  shaping better lives for themselves and their families.

With its humble beginning as a nursery unit in 1998, COMIDO had only 36 children. At the threshold of its second decade, COMIDO population has trebled to the current 2010 with 400 pupils. The increase in the population has exerted pressure on the existing facilities and created the challenge to expand structures to grow in tandem with the numbers
The Center has just Completed and launched the New School Buildings. In addition to this the Center also hosts an annual Medical Camp , undertaken with the aid of I-link Community Association of Taipei, Taiwan, Where they provide Free medical services, Not just to the Children at COMIDO Education centre , but also to the entire residents of the Mukuru Slums.

From:Kenya Times