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1998 Send Love to Hong Kong
1998 Send Love to Hong Kong
Date: October 25 - 28, 1998

        Guo Ying-Lan (President of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Sophia Chao (Vice President & CEO of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation) led the group of six to visit Hong Kong on October 25, 1998.

        Facilitated by Cheng An-Kuo (President, Overseas Chinese Culture and Education Foundation), New Asia Cultural Foundation and the Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation signed a contract to distribute I Still Have One Leg and Ta-Kuan in Hong Kong and Macao. On October 27, Pu Shao-Fu (senior in the newspaper industry), Fan Chih-An (President of New Asia Cultural Foundation), Tan Chin-Ming (President, Hong Kong Teachers' Association), Chang Wen-Kuang (President, Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union) witnessed the contract signing about I Still Have One Leg (Hong Kong and Macao version) and attended the press conference of selection activities of I Still Have One Leg (Hong Kong and Macao version).
        Guo Ying-Lan (President of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation) introduced the deeds of Chou Ta-Kuan, hoping that Hong Kong could raise the awareness of settling down and getting on with their pursuit, accompanying children and loving life amid the economic recession caused by financial crisis.
        Cheng An-Kuo stated that Chou Ta-Kuan was a well-known child in Taiwan, and that promoting his concept of love in Hong Kong could render Hong Kong warmer and more loving.
Chang Wen-Kuang said in his speech that it was the first time he spoke in Mandarin, hoping Chou Ta-Kuan could hear his words. In Hong Kong where somebody did not love his life, Chou Ta-Kuan's meaning of cherishing life could send people warm message.
        Six members from Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation visited Hong Kong Children's Cancer Foundation and Overseas Chinese Culture and Education Foundation, and formed a sister foundations. Also, they went to wards for children with cancer in Queen Mary Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital, donated books and put on performance, and held discussions with the Department of Social Work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Sophia Chao also announced that "Measures for Selecting 1999 Fervent Global Love of Lives Award" was released in Hong Kong, hoping people in Hong Kong and Macao can take an active participation.