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2009 Send Love to USA
2009 Send Love to USA
Date: September 29-October 3, 2009
        On September 30, Ta-Kuan Foundation, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami, Miami Dade County Sister Cities Coordinating Council, and Miami Dade College and artist representatives from sister cities of 28 countries to co-organize the "Multi-Cultural Night and the 13th Fervent Global Love of Lives Award Ceremony", for Chen Yu-Chun (Cancer-fighting Overseas Calligrapher). Chen Yu-Chun wielded his writing brush on the spot to work with the Chou Ta-Kuan Children's Ensemble. The sharing of Tsao Li-Chieh (Director, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami) was praised by international participants. Everyone recognized the support for the Republic of China and for the unchanged Taiwan friendship. Meanwhile, the Foundation presented Tseng Ying-Chi (DMD Hero) DVD to more than 300 guests from sister cities of 28 countries and from all sectors.
        On October 1, Chou Chin-Hua and other participants, accompanied by Dr. Yeh Kuo-Chn (member of Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee) sent love to Baptist Hospital. In addition to listening to briefings and visiting the hospital's medical equipment, they also went to the wards for children with cancer, intensive care units for children, respiratory care wards for children, and emergency wards for children to care the sick children, played music for them, and sent gifts and Chou Ta-Kuan's I Still Have One Leg (Chinese-English version) and "Tseng Ying-Chi's Song of Life DVD" to them. Besides, they held a memorial service for the tree of life planted by the children with cancer before they passed way, which touched all volunteers with Baptist Foundation and the families of the sick children.

        On the morning of October 2, they paid a visit to Juan Carlos Bermudez (Mayor of Doral City) and Michael DiPietro (Deputy Mayor). Witnessed by Juan Carlos Bermudez and other participants, Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation and Doral Chinese Cultural Association became sister societies, and jointly promoted the "three goodness action featuring love for life": on good terms with yourself – love your life, on good terms with others – respect others' life, and on good terms with the Earth – defend the life on Earth.
        On the afternoon of October 2, the Foundation paid a visit to On Leong Merchants Association, accompanied by Mei Hui-chao (Commissioner, Overseas Community Committee) and Hu Chi-bin (Deputy Director). The stories of Chou Chin-Hua Tseng Ying-Chi (DMD Hero), Chou Ta-Kuan (Cancer-fighting Poet) and the winners over the years moved the Taiwanese businessmen present, teachers and students of the Chinese school and overseas Chinese fro all walks of life. Meanwhile, Chou Ta-Kuan's posthumous work "Tseng Ying-Chi's Song of Life" DVD was presented to teachers and students of the Chinese school as the teaching material of life education.
       After the Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation and the Doral Chinese Cultural Association became sister associations, aside from actively sponsoring severely sick children to fulfill their dreams and have exchanges, the Foundation also spares no effort to promote Kimen County and City of Doral to become sister cities, and develops Kimen County and City of Doral into a new city with love of lives which is the world's most suitable for life, work and travel. This is because the City of Doral is reputed as "The premier place to live, work, learn, and play" by CNN and other media.
        On October 3, Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation and other members attended the "Share Life Union ‧ Celebrate October 10th National Day Charity Events" organized by The Cultural and Educational Scholarship Foundation of Chinese Women's Club of Greater Miami. Guo Ying-Lan reported the "stories about all charity groups in Taiwan to spare no effort to help people in distress from 1999 Jiji Earthquake to Typhoon Morakot". Meanwhile, Kaohsiung Tseng Ying-Chi's Song of Life DVD, and documentaries about Chou Ta-Kuan were played, provoking enthusiastic response from more than 300 overseas Chinese. Everyone attended the events and showed their concern for the victim compatriots through the Overseas Community Committee.