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2000 Send Love to USA
2000 Send Love to USA
Date: May 7-12, 2000
        Chou Chin-Hua (Founder of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Guo Ying-Lan (President of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Sophia Chao (Vice President & Executive CEO), Sun Hsin-I (Deputy CEO), Tang Shao- cheng (Supervisor), Chou Shang-Guan (Head of the Chou Ta-Kuan Children's Ensemble), Mother of Love Volunteer Group, Tseng Ching-Yuen (Director, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco), Li Ching-Fen (Commissioner, Overseas Community Committee), and Tai Chi (Founder, Hope Foundation USA) visited the children's intensive care units in the United States, and participated in the charity event, Millennium Dreamer, co-organized by UNESCO and Disney and McDonald's. Chou Shang-Guan and 2,000 outstanding young people from 120 countries won the "Millennium Dreamer" award.
         It is because of dreams that humans become great. It is only by encouraging children to cherish dreams that there is hope for the future of mankind. To usher in the millennium, 20 children entertaining hope and cherishing dreams became little goodwill ambassadors of Taiwan, were awarded the certificate "Millennium Dreamer" by UNESCO, and headed for Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to receive the praise of the United Nations.
        Chou Ta-Kuan, dying of cancer, mentioned in his poems that he wanted to invent "solar cancer-killing accelerator" so as to help cancer children to kill cancer cells. Today, this great dream is to be realized by his younger brother Chou Shang-Guan.
        Chou Shang-Guan, who was selected as the "Millennium Dreamer", continues to serve as a volunteer of the Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation after the death of his older brother, and plays the saxophone and magic in cancer wards of different hospitals in Taiwan to entertain the sick children. He emotionally expresses that he shall share the award of "Millennium Dreamer"with his older brother, since but for his older brother, he would not know to care for others, nor experience the pain of illness and the strength of love.