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2002 Send Love to Beijing
2002 Send Love to Beijing
Date: July 22-30, 2002

        Guo Ying-Lan (President of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Sophia Chao (Vice President & Executive CEO), Sun Hsin-I (Deputy CEO), Tang Shao-Cheng (Supervisor), Chou Shang-Guan (Head of the Chou Ta-Kuan Children's Ensemble), Mother of Love Volunteer Group, Chang Meng (Director of Beijing Wanhui Care Center), Hou Shu-Fen (Vice President of the Beijing Association of People with Disabilities), Wang Chang-Hung (President of Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation), Chang Kuo-Chung (Director of the international Department of International Department of China Disabled Persons' Federation), Wu Tsun-Yu (Director, Department of Liaison, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation), and Tsui San-Sheng (Deputy Director of China Rehabilitation Research Center) co-organized a series of activities of sending love the China's disabled people and severely ill children, and awarded the 4th Fervent Global Love of Lives Award to Mao Lan, sunshine angel defeating death and living with hope.
Born in 1970 in Beijing, Mao Lan was the people who suffers from the most serious burns survive in the world yet survive. At the age of 3, a fire severely burned 98% of her skin. She was badly mutilated and could not tell the location of organs. Worse still, she was abandoned by her parents since they could not afford the considerable medical expenses. Therefore, she lived in the hospital as her home. Four sepsis nearly killed her, but she miraculously survived by virtue of her powerful will to live and mixed milk and liquid medicine.
        Mao Lan uses her only leg to eat, brush her teeth, wash her cloth and use the toilet. Particularly, she taught herself, which moved each medical staff. They took the initiative to serve as her caring teachers. Like all young girls, she is enamored with popular music, films and fine arts. Besides, she entertains lots of mentally disabled friends. In 365 days, she takes no leaves, helps some new friends in need in a wheelchair, and shares her life journey that "to live is the best".
        She admits that she does not attend school nor have relatives nor a healthy and beautiful appearance, but she has a groups of friends of boundless love to care for her. She swears that in her life, she will return this loving world. Also, she greatly cherishes the opportunity to live again, and determinedly continues to enrich herself. Besides, she sets up a civil society of love with caring people home and abroad, helps more unfortunate people to wipe away tears, to eliminate worries, stand up bravely, and live happily. She is always convinced that no difficulty cannot be overcome in the world, and that no trouble cannot be solved. To live is the best, and one never grows old, since every day is the first day of his or her life.