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2006 Send Love to Beijing
2006 Send Love to Beijing
Date: December 26 -28, 2006

        In order to bring together the love of compatriots in Taiwan and Mainland and to cheer up all people with disabilities, Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation specially co-organized "I Want to Stand up and Send Love to Beijing & Winner of Fervent Global Love of Lives Award Liang Yi Published Autobiography to Encourage People with Disabilities Press Conference". It sincerely invited Teng Pu-Fang (Chairman, China Disabled Persons Federation), Chou Chin-Hua (Founder of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Sophia Chao (Executive CEO of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Sun Hsin-I (Secretary-General), Wang Hsiao-Ping (Deputy Secretary-General, Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits), Hsieh Kun-Tsung (President, Beijing Association of Taiwan Businessmen), Liu Chen-Hsien (President, Novartis China), Li Ping (President, Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House), and Shen Tung-Yu (President, Beijing Xiurongzhai Books) personally attended the event, and jointly witnessed "Sunshine Liang Yi" published her autobiography.
        Besides, Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation also donated a wheelchair and gifts to encouraged people with disabilities in the China Rehabilitation Center. Meanwhile, it brought together the love from Taiwan, donated 70,000 CNY to encourage Liang Yi as the first fund to establish the "Liang Yi Foundation". Cyu and other participants fed people with severe disabilities, and told stories. Then, "Sunshine Liang Yi" sang Chou Ta-Kuan's "I Still have One Leg", and gave her autobiography "Sunshine Liang Yi" to 7,00 people with disabilities in hospital, in order to encourage the people with disabilities across the strait to bravely stand up and step out. The guests Deng Pu-Fang and Chou Chin-Hua appealed to everyone to actively purchase Liang Yi's autobiography "Sunshine Liang Yi" so as to accumulate more love funds and to help more people with disabilities in need.  
        Liang Yi set up a "Love Website" -- to encourage patients in the globe, and participated in "Charity Programs" -- to share her experience in fighting against cancer, devote herself to charity events and spread out love. Therefore, Liang Yi optimistically faces paralysis, bravely challenges the limits of rehabilitation, says goodbye to haze, entertains hope, live with dignity and makes an example of creating different value of life. She is like a brilliant phoenix reborn in fire and spreading her wings, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people struggling for life.
        "The sky becomes brighter after sufferings", Liang Yi said. Now, her favorite expression is smile. She is convinced in smile that as long as she works hard and is passionate, no matter how cruel the fate is, a valuable life cannot be destroyed. Her optimism and courage, like a lamp, illuminate herself and warm others, so she is known as the "Smiling Angel" and "Wheelchair Phoenix".