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2016 Send Love to Beijing, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Xinjiang
2016 Send Love to Beijing, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Xinjiang
Date: June 1-14, 2016
* Upon the invitation of Taiwan Affairs Office, Wang Hsiao-Ping (Assistant Secretary-General, Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits), Ma Kuo-Liang, Yu Jing (Director, Liaison Department of Comprehensive Bureau), Comprehensive Liaison), Chang Chuan (Deputy Director), Yao Ju-Ning (Secretary), Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation expanded the charity events of care for cross-strait sick children and their families.
1. June 1-2: Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation visited the Red Cross Shaojiapo Rehabilitation Hospital in Shijingshan District, Beijing. Accompanied by Chin Te-Ming (Vice President, Derong Group), Tang Fan (Executive Superintendent) and Wan Su-Jian (Founder), Chang Yung-Sheng (President, Taiwan United Cancer Fighting Association), Chou Chin-Hua (Founder of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Guo Ying-Lan (President of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Chou Shang-Guan (Director of International Exchange Center), Chou Tien-Guan (Head of the Chou, Ta-Kuan Children's Ensemble), Cheng Han-Yun (NPC Angel), Chang Yun-Wei (Leukemia Sunshine Angel), Liu Wen-Jin (Head of Love Nurses Volunteer Group), Tao Hsin-Ping (Head of Mother of Love Volunteer Group), and Chan Wei-Tso (Website Director, Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation) first exchanged in the Taiwan Affairs Office. From the afternoon of June 1 to June 2, the group cared for the rehabilitation sick patients, and held in-depth exchanges on traditional health maintenance and hospice care.
2. June 3 (Fri.): Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation visited Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Medical University- accompanied by Wang Tien-You (Party Secretary, Vice President, Expert in Child Cancer, Beijing Children's Hospital), the Foundation performed music for all health care workers as well as hospital's cancer children and their families, presented them gifts, shared the experience in fighting cancer, adopted disadvantaged children with cancer, and arranged the dream-fulfilling trip to Taiwan for Beijing children with cancer.

3. June 6 (Mon.) Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation and other members visited the Children's Hospital of Shanxi Province. Accompanied by Bai Ji-geng (Superintendent, Children's Hospital of Shanxi Province and Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Shanxi Province), and Hao Kuo-Ping (Director, Children's Oncology), first Chou Chin-Hua and Chang Yung-Sheng awarded the Cancer Fighting Wish Scholarship to encourage Hao Yu-Yan (Shanxi Leukemia Angel. Then, the members went to each ward, played music for and sent gifts to each child with cancer. Finally, the Foundation donated 2,000 volumes of autobiography by Sung Ya-Ching for charity sale in Children's Hospital of Shanxi Province, and donated all proceeds from charity sale to the medical treatment funds to benefit disadvantaged children with cancer in Shanxi Province.
4. June 8 (Wed.): Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation and other members visited the Shaanxi Province Women and Children Hospital. Accompanied by Cheng Hung-Chih (Executive Vice President), Wang An-Ping (Vice President), Prof. Pan Kai- li (Expert in leukemia), Ho Jui (Deputy Director, Shaanxi Taiwan Affairs Office), Yao Ai-Min (Director), Shi Ke-chi (President, Xi'an Golden Ribbon Child Care and Aid Center) and more than 30 volunteers of Golden Ribbon Child Care and Aid Center, Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation distributed the gifts, music, love, and Chou Ta-Kuan's I Still Have One Leg from Taiwan to the sick children, filling the white wards with joy. Meanwhile, the Foundation would offer long-term sponsorship for Shaanxi cancer children to embark on life journey in Taiwan.
5. June 13 (Mon.) Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation and other members sent love to Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps General Hospital, Urumqi Children's Hospital and other hospitals, gradually adopted the most disadvantaged children with cancer in Xinjiang, supported them to bravely fight against cancer and live with hope.